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2016 Found Us in Full Bloom

By The Crossvine
Jan 31 2017

Phase 1 of The Crossvine nears completion, and as our community’s roots extend, our neighborhood develops a personality all its own. It’s remarkable how much we accomplished together in 2016. Every day, new families are moving in, current residents are exploring new ways to be active, and kids are making childhood memories. Our pool and amenity center have enjoyed their first full Texas summer and homeowners continue to explore the hike and bike trails, pocket parks, and lending library. We’re in full bloom, and we are so thrilled to have residents, members of the Schertz community, and development partners here to share it with us. 

We are also honored to be a part of Schertz.

The Crossvine would not exist without the support of the city of Schertz and as we continue to grow, it becomes ever more important to support the greater community. Last year we sponsored SchertzFest‘s FamilyZone, where we had birdhouses for the kids to paint and take home with them. We also sponsored four Movies in the Park. We watched Smalls learn to throw a baseball in The Sandlot, found Nemo in, you guessed it, Finding Nemo, and saved the village children from witches in Hocus Pocus. We also watched Will Ferrell spread Christmas cheer for all to hear in Elf, which deserves its own mention. Not only do we enjoy co-hosting, we look forward to meeting neighbors who think Schertz is as great as we do.

We were also really excited to make a large children’s book donation to Randolph Air Force Base. Our custom Crossvine Editions of the Secret Garden and Peter Pan flew off the shelves, and into military families’ imaginations.

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