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5 Reasons Why We Love Spring in Schertz

Apr 26 2021

We’ve got year-round appreciation for the town we call home, but there’s something really special about spring. When we turn that corner on winter and spring begins to peak out, well, there’s just a lot to love. Here are five reasons to love spring in Schertz, specifically:

The sun shines longer each day.

After a particularly intense winter we’re grateful to see rays of sunshine starting to filter through our windows. We’re also excited to think that each spring day will bring more daylight than the last. It’s giving us all more energy, longevity, and not to mention, Vitamin D! Who doesn’t love more sunlight for an afternoon walk or trip to the park?

Wildflowers are in full bloom.

Speaking of healthy doses of sunshine, spring is also the start of new growth. Central Texas is known for its colorful, blooming wildflowers. They’re wonderful enough to send anyone on a weekend adventure to spot them, but you can find them right here within The Crossvine too. Count on these blooms to inspire your garden - and green thumb!

The outside temperature is terrific.

Texas’ spring weather is exactly what we need before the heat of the summer months. With an average high of 80 degrees and low around 60, it’s easy to enjoy the day outside—or at least open windows for some fresh air. Now is the perfect time to make a routine of hiking The Crossvine trails, and if you’re short on time, the pocket parks are a quick spot to catch a nice breeze.

It’s time to dip our toes in the water.

Like we said, spring days in Schertz hit an average high of 80 degrees. We call that swimming weather! While we await for our local Schertz pools in Pickrell Park and Wendy Swan Park to open, try dipping your toes into one of these natural water holes:

Canyon Lake

Cypress Falls Swimming Hole in Wimberley

Son’s Island in Seguin

Landa Park in New Braunfels

And of course, keep an eye out for the opening of The Crossvine pool and amenity center soon! Grab your sunscreen and towel and get ready!

Events are sprouting up around Schertz.

As if all the beautiful weather and nature wasn’t enough, count on Schertz to deliver a season full of fun events—virtually and in person.

Spring events in Schertz:

Movin' on Main - April 3

Nature Discovery Series - April 9 + May 14

So there you have it. A handful of reasons why we love spring in Schertz, Texas. We are lucky to have The Crossvine community nestled within this beautiful town. Dare we say, it’s a perfect place to bloom?

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