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Back to School Hacks for the Family

Aug 16 2018

Switching your mind from pool time to school time can be stressful for the entire family. Everyone in the household needs time to adjust to a new schedule--working together to restart your school routine makes everything easier. The Crossvine has compiled a few tips that will smooth your transition into this school year.

Ignite the spirit of curiosity in your kids through creative activities that keep the whole family involved in learning. Take a family walk to one of our lending libraries & grab a new adventure to dive into or visit Heritage Oaks Park to learn about different trees and plants. Fun activities that revolve around learning will make sure your child is ready to engage with the new school year.

The first weeks of school are a great time to create a family game plan for the upcoming year and discuss your goals. This may include: joining an afterschool club, making honor roll, making new friends during lunch, or becoming a student-athlete. This is your time to work together and build the steps necessary to meet your goals. This is also a good time to reestablish your ground rules. Decide where and when they’ll do homework. How late friends can visit on a school night? Can they watch tv after they finish their work? Making sure your family is on the same page before school starts is a major school hack.

After you’ve implemented your new schedule, game plan, and ground rules, remember to stay flexible. A tough week at school might deserve some extra time playing outside at one of the pocket parks, pool, or along the trail to balance outdoor time with study time. Or a new book from one of our lending libraries might help out if your kid isn’t feeling challenged at school.

Once you’re fully prepared for your first days of school take a step back to enjoy the transition—and don’t forget that the pool’s still open to enjoy on those hot afternoons and weekends.

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