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Celebrating The Crossvine's Lifestyle Coordinator

May 21 2020

Here at The Crossvine, we’re grateful for beautiful greenery, a close-knit community, a sense of togetherness, and a lifestyle coordinator who makes it all happen.

Throughout the past few months, our lifestyle coordinator, Lorrie Gutierrez, has harnessed the power of community to make a memorable experience out of sheltering in place. Lorrie has engaged The Crossvine residents in countless ways in recent weeks, including:

Bringing Everyone’s Favorite Cuisines to The Crossvine

In an effort to bring joy to residents and to support businesses in need, Lorrie has included cuisines in The Crossvine calendar. Planting favorite local food trucks in the neighborhood has lifted everyone’s moods and fostered a sense of comfort and normalcy during these times. Some recent visitors have included Mister Diablo, Mojo Man Eateries, Bacon Me Crazy, and many more. Pre-orders and drive-throughs are an option to make the process safe and convenient.

Hosting Social-Distance-Friendly Activities

Lorrie has also helped organize several family-oriented events guided by social distancing measures. At the Chalk it Up for Cheer contest led by David Weekley Homes, residents decorated their sidewalks and driveways, competing for “Most Trendy,” “Best Nature Art,” and “Most Imaginative” chalk art. Lorrie awarded the winners prizes from local businesses, contributing another effort to the cause of supporting the places that cannot remain open during this time.

Educating Parents on Virtual Resources

Photo by Richard Clyborne of MusicStrive

In recent weeks, The Crossvine has used the monthly resident newsletter to address specific parental needs and to share helpful resources. From providing unique ways to learn math in one’s kitchen to sharing links to children’s audiobooks available online, Lorrie’s efforts reflect exactly what parents need as a result of the recent school closures. Additionally, the newsletters share creative online offerings such as free guitar lessons for kids and stargazing parties that you can stream from your living room television. Lorrie shares motivational resources too, such as Camp Gladiator’s streamable and printable home workouts.

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