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Creative Crafting at The Crossvine

Apr 9 2020

Sheltering in place was easy in the beginning, when we realized we could work in our pajamas and hang out with our dogs while doing it. However, after a few weeks of baking bread, taking walks, watching Tiger King, and forgetting what day it is, we can all agree that we could use some new inspiration.

There’s no time like the present to dive deep into the art projects and home improvement tasks that we’ve put on the back burner. Here are four ideas to help kickstart your next Stay-at-home Saturday.


This Morning Chores post shares 53 birdhouse designs with detailed instructions on their construction. If simplicity is your style, the Bowl and Plate Feeder only requires two kitchen items and ten minutes of your time. If woodworking is your hidden skill, and you want to make a day out of it, go for a more intricate option to give your backyard some charm, like the Teapot Birdhouse. This project will continue to bring you joy every morning when you wake up to the birds chirping outside your window.

Jewelry Holders.

DIYs.com’s list of homemade jewelry displays is not only genius, but mesmerizing. From driftwood to clothing hangers to pegboards, the options are limitless when it comes to materials to choose from. It’s the little features like these that light up a room and make it unique. And why stop here? Let these designs inspire you to make spice jar holders for your kitchen cabinets or key chain hangers to place by the front door.

Floating Bookshelves.

Collecting some keepers at the lending libraries? Good, because Insider just changed the home decor game with detailed instructions on how to build a bookshelf that floats in your living room. These add a magical touch to the design of a room, and they make an effective use of the space.

Hand Sanitizer.

You knew it was coming. Healthline easily outlines how to create this three-ingredient necessity. With the shortages of sanitation equipment in the stores these days, it might be time to get a little creative. Make it fun by spicing it up with a nice note attached, and deliver one to a neighbor’s front porch!

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