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Grow into a Garden Home

May 2 2022

It’s official. Our garden homes have bloomed! It’s been years in the making, and with plenty of planning, teamwork, and community spirit, these lovely homes are ready to welcome their new owners.

What is a garden home, you say? Well, they’re as pretty as they are practical. Garden homes use efficient design practices to provide just the right amount of green space to each homeowner. Our builders have thoughtfully planned garage access from rear alleys allowing each front lawn to seamlessly face to the greenbelts and trails.

There are many reasons why we love our new garden homes, but here are our top three:

Photo Courtesy of David Weekley Homes

1. The curb appeal is very appealing.

Dare we say the grass is greener over here? Thanks to rear-alley garage access, garden home front lawns are reserved for colorful flower beds, lush lawns, and cozy patio sets.

It’s a dream for landscape lovers and patio loungers alike.

2. They’re low maintenance.

Less driveway and more lawn doesn’t mean more work. In fact, our garden homes feature smaller, hassle-free yards so there’s less to maintain.

Our hope is that sunny days will be spent enjoying the yard instead of keeping up with it.

3. They connect our community.

Imagine having greenbelt courts, trails, parks, and pools right at your doorstep. That’s the connectivity that a garden home provides at The Crossvine.

Keep wandering through the neighborhood and you’ll also find bocce ball courts, lending libraries, pocket parks, and a community garden.

With so much open, shared space, it’s easy to get to know (and love) your neighbors.

Each garden home has its own special place within The Crossvine community. There are 77 homes available, each with a 40’ homesite.

Twelve different floorplans are available, ranging from 2-4 bedrooms, 2-3 baths, and 1,300-2,440 square feet.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Felder Homes

With this many options available, you’re bound to find your idea of “home sweet home.”

Can you imagine a better place to grow?

Learn more about the garden homes from our builders David Weekley Homes and Scott Felder Homes.

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