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​Tempering the Strain of Winter Workouts

Mar 7 2019

Tempering the Strain of Winter Workouts

Maintaining a workout routine during the cold months is a challenge, even in Texas. At this point in the year temperatures can be erratic and a surprisingly brisk day can throw you off your whole routine. For starters, motivation is a constant point of stress for many casual runners and bikers and adding a layer of cold to an already reluctant decision can often tip that decision towards the warm indoors or a cozy couch. Here are some tips and tricks to getting yourself out on the trailhead, even on cold days.

Warm Up Inside

Muscles are like rubber bands. They lose elasticity in the cold. It’s important to warm up and stretch, especially for winter workouts. Doing this inside allows you to head into the cold, warm and loose. Not only will your run feel easier, but you won’t feel as cold. Many find that warming up indoors even makes running in the cold enjoyable as the brisk air is soothing if you’re on the verge of sweating before you leave the house.

Wick Away Moisture

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you won’t sweat. In fact, without proper workout gear, this can pose a problem on particularly cold days. Wet clothes don’t insulate and they magnify the impact of the cold. This can make breathing erratic—a detrimental effect on aerobic exercise. In extreme conditions, it can lead to hypothermia. Proper moisture wicking gear will remove perspiration without soaking clothes, so that your workout gear continues to insulate you during your workout.

The Magic of a Well Maintained Trail

At The Crossvine, trails are especially useful in the winter months. The lack of daylight is less of an issue because trail runners don’t have to compete with cars. The woven nature of the trail also offers runners miles of pathways without taking them far from home. If the cold becomes too much, residents aren’t stranded out in the cold.

Our last bit of advice, especially in a Texas climate, is to take advantage of the nice days. Inevitably, the temperature will vary by tens of degrees in a given week. If you want to minimize your running in the cold, make sure you get out there when it’s warmer. But if you’re set on a routine, simple steps in preparation can help make winter workouts stress-free, and even enjoyable.

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