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The Crossvine is Pumped for Fall

Sep 19 2018

Summer is over, your days are busier, and fall treats and comfort foods are making it difficult for you to stick to your healthy eating plan. When the seasons change we tend to become less active, but The Crossvine makes it easy for our residents to transition from summer fun to fall runs.

This Fall take advantage of the great outdoors. Cooler weather (ok, maybe in November) makes it easier to be active all day without the worry of overheating. The Crossvine’s trails are a great place to get your workouts started. Make it a habit to get up 15 minutes early and start your day with a walk through the trail network. Going for a bike ride after work not only strengthens your muscles but increases your endurance, burns calories, and gets your heart rate up. You may even meet your neighbors who are also working out and staying active.

The Crossvine aspires to bring our community together through fitness classes as well. We host FIT4MOM, a fitness program dedicated to helping moms find “Strength in Motherhood” three times a week. Camp Gladiator’s four-week outdoor fitness group takes members to our outdoor exercise course for 60-minute workouts twice a week. Also, MIXXEDFITT, a course that combines dance moves with cardio, holds group workouts every weekend.

We’re dedicated to making working out fun for the entire family. Throughout the community we’ve installed pocket parks that include swings, balance beams and rest areas, which can be a way to cool down after your workout. Make your workout habits stick by teaming up with family, friends and neighbors to add a layer of accountability & added motivation.

Fall also brings along a season of sporting events and activities. If you have kids bring them out to our community fields, start a pick-up game of soccer or football, toss around a frisbee with your neighbors, or bring out your yoga mats.

The best thing you can do to get the most out of your workouts is to set realistic goals for yourself. Chances are you may find it more difficult to exercise in the colder months than in the hotter months. Accept that some days your busy schedule or the weather may prevent your exercise but setting goals will keep you focused. Try creating a workout journal to record your schedule, food intake, daily exercises, and results. By logging everything you will begin to notice patterns in your routines where you can make corrective adjustments.

Once you build a routine that takes advantage of your schedule and aligns with your goals, we bet we’ll see you trekking around the Crossvine community with a smile on your face.

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