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Tips from a Texan: Staying Cool this Summer

Jul 1 2021

Summer in Texas is something else - and so is summer weather in Texas. If you’re new to the area or you’re simply looking for some respite from these triple-digit days, check out these tips from a Texas native.

Rise with (or before) the sun.

The best time of day to catch a break from the heat is in the early morning. This is especially important if you like to workout, because as you’ve probably noticed, it doesn’t cool down much in the evenings. Make a routine of running the trail at sunrise. Come noon, you’ll sure be glad the sweat is behind you.

Treat water like your best friend.

Oh, that wonderful H20. Drink it as much as possible and dive into it whenever you can. To stay hydrated, it’s best to keep a reusable water bottle on hand. And as for places to swim, well there’s a lot of them. The Crossvine has a resort-style pool to keep its community feeling refreshed. There’s also a handful of natural springs, swimming holes, and public pools for those wanting an adventure.

Koozies are key. Keep them near.

When you become a resident of Texas, you fall in love with koozies. Our advice is to bring them everywhere. In these temperatures, your hands are often balmy—all the more reason to want your drink ice cold. No one likes warm water, beer, or soda. So koozie up! Always!

The grill is a good idea. Fire yours up!

If you aren’t already a grill master, you’re about to become one. Think about it like this: the more you can fire up your grill outside, the less you’ll be heating up the house inside. You could call that grill your temporary summer kitchen. Maybe pick up a grilling cookbook. You’ll be on your way to becoming a renowned chef… at least to your family!

Store nothing in your car.

This tip may feel a bit out of left field, but it’s an important one. Your car is basically in cahoots with the sun, so leave nothing in it. Kids and pets go without saying, but we’re also talking about chapsticks, glasses, sunscreen – all things at risk of melting from the heat. Almost every Texan has their own sun-melting story, from aerosol cans exploding to raw cookies baking. (That being said, the latter doesn’t seem so bad.)

So there you have it. Be early to rise and quick to find water. Keep your koozies close and opt for grilling whenever you can. Oh, and consider your car an oven until further notice. Once you get acclimated to the heat, you’re bound to fall in love with Texas and its summers. The beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and friendly people make summers in Texas a really magical season.

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