Fiesta San Antonio

Viva Fiesta

By The Crossvine
Apr 18 2018

 Viva Fiesta

Since 1891, San Antonians come together every April to celebrate Fiesta, San Antonio’s preeminent annual cultural event. Originally a celebration to honor those lost at The Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto, Fiesta is now comprised of over a hundred events spread throughout the greater metro area.

The Crossvine, just outside San Antonio in Schertz, loves to party with their favorite big city neighbors. Every April, residents head just minutes southwest to take part in the Fiesta festivities. Here are some key things to note so your Fiesta doesn’t turn into a siesta.

It’s a Party

Fiesta is an opportunity to let your hair down and celebrate anything worth celebrating. Activities and events vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, but there will be flowers, there will be floats, and there will be medals. Some events are steeped in generations of tradition, and others were started just last year. The largest single parade, Battle of the Flowers, draws over 350,000 people, about as many as live in Corpus Christi. The wonderful thing about Fiesta is that there is an energy level for everyone. Eclectic foods and music emerge on a grand scale throughout the city upon April’s arrival. Individual communities usually put their own spin on events.

Ride with the Wildflowers.

The Crossvine will be sponsoring the Fiesta Wildflower Ride, Fiesta’s only cycling event. Riders will tour the Texas countryside for 20-60 miles. In 2017, over 1800 riders joined the event, and this year looks no different. The tour route also has plenty of rest stops with food, water, and bike mechanics. Every participant gets a unique Fiesta Medal commemorating the event, an event water bottle, and t-shirt as well as other swag items. The event kicks off at Rolling Oaks Mall on April 22, at 8 am. Visit for more information.


Over decades Fiesta Medals have become an iconic part of commemorating this April festival. Organizations, artists, and craftsmen design and make their own personalized medals for Fiesta every year. Many festival goers spend the weeklong event collecting as many as they can to add to collections that span years of festivities. Here are a few of the recent medals made for and by The Crossvine. They are currently available for purchase, and proceeds go directly to The Crossvine Homeowners Association.

Regardless of where you’re from, if you’re in San Antonio, Fiesta is hard to miss. For more information on Fiesta visit

View the full calendar of events here.

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