When In Roam

The Crossvine is designed to extend home far beyond your own foundation. That’s why we’ve made it chock-full of amenities that activate spaces and inspire residents to move and connect.

Pool 2

Resort-Style Pool

In fact, two pools. Our resort pool sits next to a shallower kiddie wading pool.

Pool 4
Pool 1
Events Pavilion

Events Pavilion

Our open-air pavilion is large enough for most gatherings, and it’s available for residents to book for their own private events.

Events Pavilion 3
Events Pavilion 1
Events Pavilion 4
Events Pavilion 5
Outdoor Amphitheater 1

Multipurpose Outdoor Amphitheater

Community talent has a friendly stage at The Crossvine.

Outdoor Amphitheater
Outdoor Amphitheater 2
Trail System 1

Hike and Bike Trail System

In a way, you could say they tie the community together. They connect residents, homes and amenities—and they are miles long.

Trail System 2
Trail System Cropped
Trail System 3
Greenbelt 3

Community Greenbelts & Open Fields

While we have many designed amenities, we also know to leave some things alone, because you aren’t home if you can’t find your own fun.

Greenbelt 1
Greenbelt 2
Pocket Park 3

Pocket Parks

Throughout The Crossvine, we’ve incorporated small nooks to play or rest. Consider them an extension of your backyard.

Pocket Park Cropped
Pocket Park 1
Pocket Park 2
Pocket Park 4
Exercise Course 2

Exercise Course

We’ve installed free-standing calisthenics equipment in one of The Crossvine’s pocket parks. And after your workout, hit the trail.

Exercise Course 1 Cropped
Exercise Course
Exercise Course 3
Exercise Course 4
Water Features

Multiple Ponds & Water Features

The Crossvine features numerous ponds and water features.

Water Features 1
Water Features 2
Lending Libraries

Lending Libraries

From old classics to new adventures, our outdoor lending libraries offer free stories for the whole family.

Lending Libraries Closeup Cropped
Lending Libraries 1
Lending Libraries Closeup 1
Heritage Oaks Park Field

City of Schertz Heritage Oaks Park

Nearby Heritage Oaks Park is a great place to picnic and play.

Heritage Oaks Park Bench Cropped
Heritage Oaks Park Sign
Heritage Oaks Park Trail

Town Center

Future Phase

Currently in the planning stage, our Town Center will offer residents and the greater Schertz community retail, office and dining options right here at home.