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The Recipe for a Perfect Picnic

Sep 8 2021

What better way to soak up the last few days of summer than with a picnic? It’s a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends while enjoying some cold drinks and sweet treats. Here is The Crossvine’s “recipe” for creating the perfect outdoor picnic.

Start with your main ingredient: The park.

Just like flour is essential to a cake recipe, a good park is essential to your picnic. Will you head to our new picnic tables at The Crossvine? Or maybe nestle under a shady tree in Heritage Oaks Park? There are plenty of other great places to picnic around Schertz too, including Pickrell Park, Crescent Bend Nature Park, and Rhine Valley Park.

Keep in mind you may want a playground for little ones, a bathroom if you plan to stay awhile, or a covered pavilion if the weather looks rainy or you’re looking for some shade from the Central Texas sun. Many community parks offer these features, and picking the right one for your group will help you picnic in peace.

Add your mix-ins. The more, the merrier!

In this case, your mix-ins are all the items you’ll pack up for your picnic. Perhaps you’re planning a romantic evening filled with salami, brie, olives – the works. Or maybe you’re setting the scene for a family-friendly lunch with juice boxes, sandwiches, and fresh orange slices. You could even pick up a few goodies from Schertz Treats!

That said, the mix-ins aren’t simply food. Consider the other items you may be bringing along, like an oversized blanket, an easy-to-carry cooler, a portable solar lamp, and essentials like sunscreen and bug spray. These items are sure to add comfort and convenience to your picnic.

Top it off with a sprinkle of fun.

Now that you have your park spot and packing list, let’s think about what kind of fun you’d like to have. Maybe you chose a park with an outdoor pool to get some swimming in. Or, if you picnic at The Crossvine, maybe you have plans to try the new bocce court. (Not sure how to play bocce ball? Check out this helpful post from Dick’s Sporting Goods.) There are also many different games and activities you can take with you, like a deck of cards, an outdoor speaker, or even a portable cornhole game. The ideas, and options, are endless!

There you have it, the recipe to a perfect summer picnic! Use this blog post as a guide and add in your own ideas to make it a special occasion. Cheers!

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